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Summer's End by Genevieve Simms

In the summer of 1939, in the last few weeks of peacetime, an incredible find was unearthed in a rural Suffolk town. As the darkness of world war descended on Europe, a new world was discovered - one which would illuminate the secrets of our past. Told from the perspective of Peggy Piggott, a young archaeologist who was there, Summer's End uses dramatic reconstruction and archive film to tell the story of two of the country's most significant moments in history.

Archive Credits
Archive film courtesy of the Imperial War Museum and Jeremy Gilbert

Treasures of the Anglo Saxons

This links to BBC Treasure of the Anglo Saxons in which Dr Nina Ramirez examines early English art and artefacts to discover their meaning. This includes a fascinating section on the Sutton Hoo shoulder clasps. The programme is occasionally available on BBC Four and BBC iPlayer.

A History of the World

This links to the British Museum and BBC A History of the World and examines the Sutton Hoo helmet. It includes a link to the Radio 4 programme about the helmet and its place in history.

The Essay

This links to BBC Radio 3's series The Essay and includes Martin Carver discussing the Sutton Hoo ship burial and Raedwald, the possible occupant of the ship.

Sutton Hoo: Anglo-Saxon ship burial

A good overview of events at Sutton Hoo at the time of the ship burial and the 1939 excavations.

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