Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War

Monday 14 January 2019, The British Library

This January, the Society will be attending the once-in-a-lifetime exhibition on Anglo-Saxon history, literature and culture hosted by the British Library. The exhibition includes archaeological artefacts as well as illuminated manuscripts, some returning to England for the very first time, ranging in date from the Anglo-Saxon Conquest to the Norman Conquest. Prior to the exhibition, the group will enjoy a talk given by a resident expert who contributed to the preparation of the exhibition and participated in cutting-edge research at the Library.

2019 AGM and Lecture by Dr Mike Bintley

Friday 1 March, 7:00pm, Deben Suite, Ufford Park Hotel

Following the general meeting, Dr Mike Bintley will give a talk on ‘The Material World of the Old English Andreas‘. Dr Bintley is Lecturer in Early Medieval Literature and Culture at Birkbeck, University of London. He is an expert in the literature, material culture and archaeology of early medieval England and Scandinavia and has published Trees in the Religions of Early Medieval England, Representing Beasts in Early Medieval England and Scandinavia (co-edited with Thomas J. Williams), Sensory Perception in the Medieval West (co-edited with Simon Thomson) and an edition of Andreas (edited and translated with Richard North).

Please note that the AGM will be held at the Ufford Park Hotel, as National Trust Sutton Hoo is currently closed.

2019 Basil Brown Memorial Lecture

Saturday 13 April 2019, 11:00 am, The Riverside Theatre, Woodbridge

In this illustrated lecture, Professor Michelle Brown, FSA, Professor Emerita at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, Visiting Professor at University College London and Former Curator of Medieval and Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library, will discuss the introduction of manuscript culture to Anglo-Saxon England and the complex web of peoples, practices and beliefs that lay behind it. The influence of Germanic metalwork (such as the Sutton Hoo finds), Celtic art and thought, ancient Romano-British trading contacts with the Mediterranean and the Middle East all find their place in the pages of books such as the Book of Durrow, the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Codex Amiatinus, the Vespasian Psalter and the Book of Kells to form a new vision of the place of these islands on the world stage.


Norwich Castle Museum and Handling Session

Friday 8 June 2018

Dr Tim Pestell, FSA and Senior Curator of Archaeology, was kind enough to treat the Society to a special handling session including a Bronze Age boar figurine, sixth-century broaches, a seventh-century belt buckle (bought on E-Bay for £30!), a gold and garnet button, pin bars featuring animal heads, a Byzantine coin reused as a pendant, an eight-century gilded silver pin-head delicately etched with foliage, a ninth-century astel (found by a lady in her garden!), Viking broaches and a small, silver Thor’s hammer. The Society also enjoyed visiting the Museum’s superb galleries, which hold one of the finest early medieval collections in Britain.

2018 Basil Brown Memorial Lecture

Saturday 28 April 2018, 11:00am, Riverside Theatre, Woodbridge

Nancy Edwards, Professor of Medieval Archaeology at Bangor University, gave an illuminating talk on ‘Western British Archaeology in the Age of Sutton Hoo’. Professor Edwards’ research focuses on the archaeology of Britain and Ireland c. AD 400–1100. She is currently engaged in a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship on Life in Early Medieval Wales and recently completed a major project on early medieval inscribed stones and stone sculpture in Wales.

2018 AGM and Lecture by Dr Duncan Sayer

Friday 23 February, 7:00pm, National Trust Sutton Hoo

Following the general meeting, Dr Duncan Sayer MCIfA FSA gave a fascinating lecture on ‘Aventus Saxonum: Material Culture, DNA and Identity in the Migration Period’. Dr Sayer is Reader in Archaeology in the School of Forensic and Applied Science at the University of Central Lancashire. He has published widely on ethics and burial archaeology, kinship systems, generational time, and mortuary practice and recently directed a major excavation of an early Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Oakington, Cambridgeshire, which yielded, among others, a number of child burials, the grave of a warrior, and a unique and richly furnished burial of a woman with a cow.


Reports on our trips are to be found in our magazine, Saxon, which can be viewed on this website.

Recent visits have included

Roman Colchester,

Battle Abbey,

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford,

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village and Mildenhall Museum,

Parker Library, Wren Library, Fitzwilliam Museum, and Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge,

Colchester Castle,

Archaeological site at Lyminge, Kent

and we have travelled as far as Gamla Uppsala, Ireland, Lindisfarne and Canterbury as well as closer to our Suffolk homeland.

For more information or enquiries, please contact our SHS Membership Secretary, via the website.

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